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We all know the importance of looking after our mental health, but actually putting this into practice can take time and effort. In busy workspaces like the recruitment industry, prioritising our mental health can often take the back seat while we focus on meeting deadlines, communicating with clients, and career progression, along with many other tasks. Consequently, businesses must ensure they have procedures in place to care for the well-being of their team.

Below, we will highlight how ARTO ensures our employee’s mental health is prioritised by sharing our support and well-being techniques, which empowers our team to nurture their mental well-being. 

Our Partnership With Inspire 

At ARTO, we are proudly partnered with Inspire Compassion, a user-friendly counselling and training service born of ground-breaking experience stretching back over 30 years. 

Our partnership with Inspire allows our team to reach out to professionals anonymously to receive external support for personal and work-related issues. Each team member is entitled to six sessions initially, but if the professional feels more sessions are required, this will be signed off by someone internally at ARTO.

Upon arrival, any new starters in our team will be provided with a care package from Inspire, which details everyday mental health struggles, including anxiety, stress, depression, sleep, and ways of managing.

The team also has continuous access and support from Sharon Williams, our direct point of contact at Inspire Compassion. 

Adopting Open Communication 

Open communication is crucial in the workplace to encourage a positive and healthy working environment. A great way to promote this is to offer opportunities to seek support from stress management professionals, like our team can with Inspire. That way, our team can confidently disclose their issues to an external individual. 

Another great way to build open communication is by encouraging staff to participate in world mental health movements. On the recent Mental Health Awareness day, our team dressed in yellow to support Inspire and partook in open and honest conversations on past experiences and the support they received. It’s true what they say, a problem shared is a problem halved, so encouraging an environment where our employees feel safe to speak out is crucial for us at ARTO. 

Team Building Activities 

Team building days are essential for us at ARTO. These days dedicated to spending time with our team are a great way to improve mental health in the workplace by allowing employees to socialise, get to know one another, and encourage conversation.

The average working day totals eight hours, five days a week. This is a significant portion of your life, so we want to ensure our team feels happy in our working environment. Some of our recent team-building activities have included mini golf, a day at the waterpark, go-karting, and paintballing. These days are designed to help our team bond and form relationships that will create a more collaborative workspace. 

Encouraging Exercise 

Encouraging physical activity is crucial for us at ARTO; this is why we give our team members an extra half an hour at lunch to exercise, whether using our onsite gym or taking a run/walk outside. This extra half an hour means our employees can participate in exercise without sacrificing their own time. Sitting at your office desk all day is not good for anyone, so we encourage our team to utilise this allocated time. Even a short burst of 10 minutes of exercise increases mental alertness, energy, and positive mood. Regular physical activity can increase our self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety.

Personal Development Time

We realise that there will be times in the week when our team’s energy levels dip, we can’t always be productive; this is why we’ve allowed our team to take personal development time when they choose. Dedicated personal development time enables our team to clock off in those moments when they feel less motivated and do something for themselves. Some examples of how our team members at ARTO have utilised this time include reading, or meditating, to help relax and re-energise. 

It’s important to remember that you should be supporting all your employees, not just those who are struggling with their mental wellbeing. It is just as important to maintain a good mind space when you feel mentally well, to avoid stress and burnout. To discover more about how we boost our employees wellbeing at ARTO, get in touch today.