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Recent years have seen more and more graduates choosing recruitment as their next step after university, after realising the industry’s many benefits.

It seems as if the culture, progression, and earning potential of recruitment are simply too hard to resist, especially for those fresh out of university.  

Recruitment has been stereotyped for some time, but the positive news is that in recent years it has evolved, and a new wave of leaders and businesses like ARTO are reinventing how it works, how it rewards people, and the opportunities for new recruits. These changes are making it a career of choice for many. 

If you’re a grad and want to learn more about what a career in recruitment might look like, read below. 

A Lifetime Of Learning

Your first few months after graduation can be difficult, and you’re probably stuck wondering what comes next. As a graduate, you’re likely to be looking for a role that can utilise your learned skills from university and develop them further. Life as a recruiter strikes a balance between the skills graduates acquire and those they are yet to develop. In recruitment, no two days are the same, and there is no single approach to problems. If you choose recruitment, you’ll always learn, develop and grow throughout your career.  

Clear Career Progression  

No one wants a dead-end role. Once you leave university, you’ll likely be on the hunt for a position that offers clear career progression. In recruitment, your progression is not based on a timeline. Essentially, the more successful you are, the faster you will progress. This means, as a graduate the opportunities are uncapped. 

Earning Potential  

The big promise of an undergraduate degree is the capability to acquire greater opportunities, and, ultimately, more money. However, the reality soon hits when grads realise securing a highly paid role in our current market is much more complex than anticipated. Most recruitment agencies offer a strong base salary with uncapped performance-related commission, allowing graduates to be in control of how much they earn from day one.  

Rewards And Perks  

We realise that recruitment is non-stop, so we want to reward our team and strike a balance between working hard and having fun. Aside from the commission earned when you place a new role, there are always different incentives on offer. There is always something going on at ARTO; some recent incentives our team have enjoyed include: lunch and breakfast clubs, team activity days, our most recent being to the local waterpark, dinner and drinks, group gym sessions, and lot’s more.  

So, what’s next? 

At ARTO, our grad scheme supports people like you to begin and excel in an exciting career with unlimited opportunities. If you like what you see and think recruitment might be for you, get in touch with us today or apply here