What is ARTO’s

driving force?

Proud to be people people  

Behind every life-altering breakthrough in life sciences, there’s a team of people. At ARTO, our team are passionate about finding these people and making a difference.

And for us, that’s a huge deal.

We thrive on helping people like you succeed. As recruiters, we’re driven to connect our clients with the highest quality of talent, allowing them to bring their ground-breaking visions to life. And we’re equally passionate about helping every candidate find a career where their talents can truly shine.

To do this, we constantly encourage everyone at ARTO to think innovatively- we
refuse to be constrained by the expectations of conventional recruitment. By
reframing the hiring process, we aim to make it a more gratifying and
worry-free experience for everyone.

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Our vision is to transform the progression of careers, by thinking differently about recruitment

Driven by the bigger picture


The difference you make inspires us. We strive to make our own breakthroughs too, by facilitating careers that change lives.


The life sciences industry helps us care for one another, and we care deeply about that work. This is reflected in the way we look after our team and working culture.


We’re open, transparent, and have a reputation for delivering. Our focus on quality over quantity is why people work with us time and time again.

Meet the founders

In January 2020, two life-long friends, Elliott and Lawrence, set out to shake up the world of life sciences recruitment by creating ARTO. The dynamic spark of their friendship is what gives ARTO its infectious energy. 

A glimpse into our story

Where it all began…

Elliot and Lawrence first met when they were three. Ask them (or their families) and they’ll say a future in business together was inevitable. 

In fact, the duo first started plotting a joint business venture while in their sixth form canteen. Back then, they didn’t know what kind of company it was going to be, but they always knew it would be something they built together. They’re now living their childhood dream and loving every minute of creating their own recruitment empire. 

The idea for ARTO developed as they were rising through the recruitment ranks together at a global agency. They saw a way to take their energy and enthusiasm, and channel it into creating a niche and dynamic hiring experience for the life sciences sector, outside of London.

With very complimentary skills, they’re both advocates of adding individual flair to recruitment. They created ARTO to counteract the trend for making hiring talent a robotic process that had to be based in London.  

Launching on the cusp of pandemic certainly put their theory to the test. But by the second year in business ARTO had 20 staff and a fast-growing community of clients and candidates.  

Interested in what’s coming next for the pioneers of rebellious recruitment? Go behind the scenes with Lawrence, Elliot and the team over on Linkedin. 

Life at ARTO

Recruitment, but not as you know it.

Energy is hard-wired into our DNA. Our Canterbury office has a unique buzz about it – we’ve captured the pace and ambition of a London recruitment experience and given it a unique ARTO twist.

Careers at ARTO