Whether it’s dealing with a new set of drug regulations, responding to a crisis, or re-organising your workforce after an investment, we can source the contractors and interim professionals who can handle your short to medium term goals with speed and efficiency.


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It is no easy task finding scientists, engineers, and directors with the expertise to power your company’s success and the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen changes.

No two companies are alike, and no set of hiring needs is the same.

So we leave no stone unturned in the search for the people who will form the backbone of your company.


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In the life sciences, major investments or scientific breakthroughs often make it necessary to scale up at pace. But without detailed, long-term professional relationships at your disposal, hiring quickly can lead to mistakes.

We provide a consultative solution to your multi-hire needs. Partnering with you to create new teams or streamline your business we deploy our deep expertise to find the right people, and use targets to share the financial risk of your new venture.

Our delivery package can create a committed, highly-skilled workforce as fast as you need it.


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